Waldinfoplan is a professional ArcGIS server-based platform designed to support forest owner associations in Germany in wood logistics and forest management. It is provided by the Genossenschaft für Waldwirtschaft eG.
Conceptual planning started in 2006 under the lead of the Verein für forstliche Standortserkundung (VfS), with the objective to bring this non-profit organization's spatial database on forest soils and sites in Bavaria to the web to be used by forest owners in this Land. Since 2008, Waldinfoplan has been prototypically developed in collaboration with potential users as an ArcGIS Server solution including an offline client that enabled working in the forest where no internet connection is available. By the end of 2009, a new co-operative was founded, with the objective of developing the prototype application into an operational system using the ArcGIS Server Enterprise Technology. The newly founded Genossenschaft für Waldwirtschaft eG commissioned ZEBRIS with the overall management of the Waldinfoplan development project and ESRI with the software development and hosting of Waldinfoplan. Waldinfoplan now comprises several modules for wood logistics and forest management planning. . An elaborated system of user roles and rights ensures that associations can better co-operate while maintaining data security and protecting private data of their members. Waldinfoplan enables forest owner associations to improve the quality of their services for forest owners, strengthen regional networks and partnerships and better service their customers through a consistent, workflow-oriented management of geospatial and attribute data.
ZEBRIS has supported the Waldinfoplan initiative since 2008 when it was started. ZEBRIS is main coordinator of the development and has harmonized the different needs of potential users with the work of system developers.
Furthermore, ZEBRIS gives advice to the young Genossenschaft für Waldwirtschaft eG in the areas of business development and management. The present role of ZEBRIS includes user support and the coordination of newly developed projects.