Groundwater ressources are in a “bad status”

The quality of the groundwater in Germany is one of the worst in Europe, according to those responsible in the EU. The European Court of Justice already took Germany to court in 2018 for persistent violations of the Nitrate Directive, and now new measures must be implemented to avoid massive fines. Stricter regulatory law alone will not suffice to achieve this; many federal states are additionally using the instrument of agricultural consultibg services and provide farmes with recommendations for fertilizer application and promote forms of cultivation that protect the groundwater ressources.

 A cooperation platform for clean water

LandManager WFD has been developed especially for the implementation of agricultural cooperations which offer consulting services over large areas and need to support  large data streams. The idea is to use modern web and mobile technologies to bring together all participating farmers, consultants and authorities on one platform and thus enable the permanent exchange of relevant information on the protection of groundwater and open water bodies between the different actors.


At the core of LandManager WFD lies a data model developed over 20 years together with agricultural consultants, in which geo and attribute data are kept up-to-date and historical information is available for accurately defined time intervals. Thus, the constantly changing distibution of fields and crops, information on subsidies, soil sampling, fertilisation requirement determination and planning or also as well as the application of fertilisers and pesticides can be stored and evaluated in a centralized enterprise database. With LM Web and LM Mobile, all farmers, consultants and other players have direct access to the data they need to work with via a centralized data access rights management. This enables farmers to enter planned plot allocations, crops and programs at an early stage and to conveniently transmit information on fertilizers or pestizides/herbizides applied at any time. Reporting with integrated map and tabular reports provide an exact insight and overview of crop rotations, soil values and nutrient balances. For example, all parcels falling into “red alert areas” can be precisely controlled and spatially delimited focal points can be treated in a differentiated manner. Via interfaces to third party software applications and services that may already be in use at your company, an application tailored exactly to your needs can be created. Contact us on your specific needs!



With LandManager Desktop as an expert system, digital parcel and IACS impact data can be directly integrated into the area management via multi-layered GIS functions and interfaces. Manual and automated functions allow the comfortable maintenance and administration of all area data. All LandManager Desktop products can be installed as standalone solutions on your workstation or central server. The GIS components of LandManager Desktop have been developed on the basis of ArcGIS Desktop from ESRI and can be activated as an extension in ArcMap.


LM Web is an easy to use WebGIS for all actors of your cooperation (farmers, consultants, employees in authorities etc.). Besides a detailed information and evaluation system with maps and reports, LM Web offers you many input functions with which farmers or consultants can enter new fields, planned crops, desired subsidies or even applied fertilizers and pesticides (PPP). Via interfaces you can also integrate fertilisation recommendations or fertilisation requirement calculations directly for the farmers.

LandManager Mobil

LM Mobil serves farmers and consultants for mobile data entry directly in the field. With the special app for farmers, agricultural businesses can download all current fields with fertilisation recommendations to a mobile device and enter the fertilisers and pesticides applied directly in the field. Android and iOS devices are supported, all data can also be recorded offline and centrally written back into the LandManager database.



We offer to take over the hosting of your data as well as the provision and maintenance of your action areas as a Software as a Service. The LM Web application and the LandManager data will be provided in a secure and certified data centre and you and all desired actors will receive individual access to the data and functions with LM Web and LM Mobil. You do not have to get used to complex software applications, save license and administration costs and concentrate on the core of your tasks. Talk to us about it!



The module Balance and Fertilisation is an extension for the module LandManager Agriculture. The focus is on the calculation of exact nutrient balances at field level (field balances). Necessary inputs (economic/mineral fertilizers, withdrawals from harvests) can be imported individually with the respective supply and removal values of the individual nutrients and thus also be made available to farmers in LM Web and LM Mobil. Plant protection products can also be integrated into the module. All data can also be entered directly via LM Web and LM Mobil by the farmers themselves. In addition, fertilisation recommendations and farm-related yard gate and field/stall balance sheets can be created.


The Accident/Injury module enables you to use special forms to record accidents or infringements in your area of responsibility, create the associated measures and coordinate their implementation. The module can be individually adapted to your needs through flexible options for creating accidents and measures. Via mobile applications, violations recorded in the field can be directly integrated into the module.

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