Geo-IT: Information about the world we live in

Geographic information helps us to better understand the world we live in. Every day, billions of spatial data sets are created; every business process has a spatial component. We support you in creating, expanding and maintaining your specific treasure trove of spatial data. Our services include data analysis and processing, development of information systems (cloud, web, mobile, desktop…), analysis of business processes, data acquisition and much more. 


Development of applications and extensions for ESRI desktop products or QGIS, general application development in .Net or Java 


Development of complex multi-user web (GIS) applications based on ArcGIS for Server/Portal or Geoserver. Requirements analysis, analysis of business processes, specifications, implementation, operation and maintenance. 


Mobile Geo Apps for iOS and Android including server-side development. 

Data processing: Processing Frameworks, Spatial Data Analytics 

Development of processing workflows for geodata and earth observation data including development of an automated processing chain, scaling of your application in the cloud, publishing in customer’s own web portals, in our firemaps frontend framework or with third party providers. Spatial analysis and visualization of large and complex data sets with tools for Big Data Analytics. For this purpose, we leverage our comprehensive toolset from our firemaps processing framework and flexibly adapt it to your needs. 

Processing chains for earth observation data and weather data 

Our firemaps processing framework implements a range of methods to automatically download earth observation data or sensor data such as meteorological data and process them in automated processing chains. Algorithms for derived products can be easily integrated. 

Stage your data products with our firemaps Publication Framework 

With the firemaps publication framework, processing results from the firemaps processing framework, but also your own data or results from your own processing and analytics can be made available as WebGIS application, for download or for being used in mobile apps. 

WebGIS Hosting

We are happy to host your WebGIS in a DSGVO-compliant certified German data center. You can set up and securely operate your own WebGIS using our firemaps Publication Framework – including secure user administration and multi-tenant capabilities for commercial operations. 

Reference Projects

Topic: Fire

Short description: FireSense- Joint project for the development of methods to improve fire monitoring with the help of satellites, aircraft sensors and drones.

Location: Germany/Worldwide

Year: 2016-2020

Client: Federal Ministry of Economics – ZIM-Projekte

Status: running


Topic: Water

Short description: In order to protect the Obersauer Talsperre from pollutants, a new information system for drinking water protection is being developed with SEBES on the basis of LandManager.

Location: Luxembourg

Year: since 2017

Client: SEBES

Status: running


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