Within the framework of the Bavarian mountain forest Campaigntimber stocks in a project area were estimated with the help of laser scanning data and aerial photographs. The objective was to create a basis for realignment of plots in order to enable better management of the mountain forest. 

Mountain forests in Bavaria 

Mountain forests offer many important functions for nature and society. 
The Bavarian Mountain Forest Campaign combines efforts to protect, develop and prepare mountain forests for the new challenges posed by climate change. In some areas fragmented property which cannot be managed or can only be managed with difficulty is to be restructured by means of voluntary land swaps. 


Recording of timber stocks 

As a basis for such a voluntary exchange of parcels of land, laser scanner data from the Bavarian State Office for Surveying were evaluated and the timber reserves estimated. Using colour infrared aerial photographs, the distribution of deciduous trees and conifers was estimated. 

Field surveys were carried out by an independent expert to estimate the accuracy of the results. Additionally, data from the neighbouring Berchtesgaden National Park were used. 



The following advantages were achieved by the process: 

  • Cost-effective estimation of the timber stocks (deciduous/coniferous) in the project area. 
  • The foundations for a later exchange of parcels of land were created. 
  • The accuracy of the results could be verified by an independent expert. 


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Amt für Landwirtschaft und Forsten Traunstein im Rahmen der bayerischen Bergwaldoffensive.

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