Support of the Cerrado-Jalapao project in Brazil in the calculation of greenhouse gas emissions from fires in the Cerrado, the Brazilian savannah. Consulting services to the German-Brazilian project Cerrado Jalapao on the scientific cooperation between Germany and Brazil on the monitoring of landscape fires. 


The central Brazilian savannah landscape of the Cerrado Jalapao is a global hotspot of biodiversity. Frequent fires, however, lead to landscape degradation in some areas and contribute to increased emissions of greenhouse gases. Within the framework of a German-Brazilian project, work was carried out to improve monitoring of fires and to improve in fire management. 


Solution approach 

In order to better estimate the emissions of greenhouse gases from the savannah fires, process chains developed by ZEBRIS for deriving the emissions from satellite data were revised and extended. 

Within the framework of the scientific cooperation, data from the German FireBird satellite were acquired and analysed and a Brazilian delegation was accompanied on a trip to Germany. 


Long time series on greenhouse gas emissions for various protected areas of the Cerrado were prepared and compared with terrain data obtained by the Brazilian project partners. 

In a detailed study, the effect of improved fire management through controlled fires was demonstrated. 


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Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit (GIZ GmbH)

Projeto Jalapao (Projekt durchgeführt vom Brasilianischen Umweltministerium, Regionalregierung des Bundesstaats Tocantins u.a.m.)

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